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The generation born today will probably live on the warmest Earth for 120.000 years. It is too late, scientists say, to stop the great warming – but prompt action could slow it down. Mary Lean explains.
Apart from Phnom Penh, more Cambodians live in Site 2, a refugee camp just inside the Thai border, than in any other settlement in the world.
A string of scandals have gained international limelight, backed up by strong sub-plots of take-over crookery and insider-dealing.
Despite Hong Kong's remarkable achievements in other fields, no administration had succeeded in efforts to deal with the corruption that thrived in its crowded streets and harbours. Anti-corruption drives were launched in 1897, 1948 and 1959. Yet by 1970, 70 per cent of news stories about Hong Kong in the British press concerned corrupt practices.
Princess Margarita of Romania tells how 'In August last year, I resigned my job. The UN machine would keep turning without me, but Romania had only one King Michael, and he was alone.'
Jamaican social worker Carole-Gene Denham constantly has to deal with her country's problems. But she believes that nobody needs to remain a victim. She talks to Judith 'Robo Ukoko.
There is some point in looking back into the lives of our forebears and seeing how a few French people, who now belong within one frame simply because of the chance of marriages down the generations, experienced the period. I took such a look at the ancestors of my sons.
With a bullet in his arm, he zigzagged away, missing by inches the car that was blocking the road.
You will see a wall filled with light and colour, the pattern resolving into the vast hand of God giving to humanity the gift of himself.
Members of 44 parliaments joined world-renowned scientists. The press noted Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama. But was it in any way memorable?