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SANTOSH’S SMALL size is no indicator of her gutsy fight for justice.
The Micro Loan Foundation is working for long-term sustainable development in Malawi as opposed to providing temporary solutions. As celebrity patron Bob Geldof says, ‘To treat someone as an adult human being with a stake in his or her future is the essence of sound empirical business sense.’
‘There is a palpable crisis of governance in many developing countries,’ said Prabhat Kumar, the Director of an independent Centre for Governance in India and former Governor of Jharkand State
Michael Smith reports a farmers’ dialogue on tackling poverty
As you reach out for a jar of coffee in the supermarket, you can give a hand to the people who grew the beans, discovers Mary Lean.
Bryan Hamlin, a British-born American citizen, challenges Europe's prejudice towards the United States.
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart is Chairman of Anglo American plc and was Chairman of Business Action for Sustainable Development, an initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development for the Earth Summit in Johannesburg.
For weeks the collapse of the Houston energy giant, Enron, competed with the war on terror for headlines.
Bernard Margueritte, a French journalist living in Poland and President of the International Communications Forum, reflects on what he heard at a recent meeting of business leaders.
Michael Smith attends the world’s biggest anti-corruption conference in the Czech Republic.

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