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01 February 2007
My love of China comes from working with these wonderful, hard-working people in rural settings, providing them with the opportunity and dignity they deserve.
01 December 2005
We asked writers to confine themselves to books published recently, or at least in the last 100 years.
01 August 2005
MY SEVEN-year-old son became really worried by the time I had won seven old pence on a machine in a seaside arcade, many years ago. ‘Stop it, Mum!’ he yelled, pulling me away. I did.
01 April 2005
Human batteries are like a stream of water. If the water doesn’t move then it becomes stagnant. If the water flows out and nourishes other people then the batteries will work well and will be spontaneously recharged.
01 February 2005
Can loss turn to gain? Three people's experiences.
01 December 2004
Five people write what forgiveness has meant in their lives.
01 October 2004
MY FRIENDS smother a chuckle when I tell them I’m sure God is a golfer.
01 August 2004
We were encouraged to pick up and admire spiders and all manner of other creatures and wonder at their diversity rather than scream and stamp on them. How many kids get a similar opportunity today?
01 June 2004
Since I was 11 my foster mother had indicated many times that she’d be glad to see me go.
01 April 2004