The Indian industrial empire that is producing social capital as well as profits.
10 March 2006
Zimbabwean small scale farmers are benefiting from 'born again' sweet potato plants, developed by Zimbabwean scientists, that have had a damaging virus removed.
25 February 2006
Corruption is bad for business and bad for health, says Suresh Vazirani, Managing Director of an award-winning hi-tech company
25 February 2006
Mumbai businessman Rajendra Gandhi has made recycling a matter of moral principle.
01 December 2005
Rebuilding after war - and rebuilding relationships - are keys to sustainable development says agriculturalist, Paul Craig
01 June 2004
A leading apostle of employee share ownership sees worker-owned companies as a model for sharing wealth and improving company performance.
09 January 2004
India's information technology revolution has turned the nation into a 'software superpower'. Can it help to bridge the rich-poor gap?
12 August 2003
Shipyard worker, Ryuzaburo Kaku, rose to become Chairman of the cameras-to-copiers multinational Canon. Few Japanese businessmen have gone out on a limb the way Kaku has, in advocating a global philosophy for business.
06 July 2001
Sheffield, renowned for its stainless steel, has had a Master Cutler for 700 years. Richard Field, who held the office in 1997, tells about his city's fight back from recession, and the remarkable turn round in his own life.
12 March 2001
Printing company director Richard Hawthorne chairs a Nottingham partnership which engages citizens in urban renewal through 'honest conversation'.
12 March 2001