Jessica Fleischer couldn’t live without a cigarette. Or could she?
01 August 2006
Richard Shrubb describes his battle with mental illness and public perceptions.
01 June 2006
Nicci Dodanwela tells the story of how she overcame anorexia.
01 April 2006
As youth crime grabs the headlines in the UK, Decio Emanuel Do Nascimento visits two organizations on the front line in Tower Hamlets, London.
01 August 2005
Ann Rignall meets Pete and June Pemberton, who have fostered 360 children over the past 40 years.
01 June 2005
Will Jenkins looks at an initiative designed to break down barriers between ordinary Americans and bring communities together.
01 August 2004
Neichu Angami describes a young man's fight against addiction and his campaign to help HIV/Aids sufferers.
01 December 2003
Einar Engebretsen drove his teachers to despair. 30 years later he discovered why.
01 August 2003
When 19-year-old Romanian Eva Szabo discovered she had cancer, she didn't understand why her family were so upset. Two years on, she faces the future in a country where home support and palliative care are only beginning.
01 June 2003
The Johannesburg Earth Summit highlighted the urgent need of many countries to secure greater freshwater supplies. Alan Ervine talks to Kenneth Noble about what can be done to turn aspiration into reality.
01 December 2002