Welcome to the archives of For A Change – a magazine which ran from 1987 to 2006 with the themes: Healing History, Transforming Relationships, Building Community.

For A Change was published by Initiatives of Change, a diverse global network of people committed to building trust across the world's divides. There is an intimate link between trust and integrity. Integrity leads to trust. Lack of integrity destroys it. A key part of building trust is people choosing to live with integrity and responding to the needs of others.

These archives aim to be a resource for all people who want to build better relationships. Each article gives the reader the possibility of leaving comments (moderated by the editor). Feel welcome to use this space to share your perspectives, be challenged by other perspectives and network with others who are working to build a better world.

Back issues

For A Change was first published as a print magazine in the UK in 1987 and ran to December 2006, and then for a time as an ezine. In our very first issue, Geoffrey Lean wrote about the world's five billionth baby, who had just been born, and the challenges that would face her – such as climate change, environmental degradation, global instability and world poverty. Twenty years on, climate change has begun to impact our lives, the world's population has topped six-and-a-half billion and the 'Make Poverty History' campaign has brought together religious and secular organisations who share this moral imperative.

All back issues are available online, and browseable by issue or story categories when you click on the 'back issues' button on the right. Not all of the story categories in the print magazine were carried forward to the online magazine. More recent story categories are found running left to right underneath the main For A Change banner.