Michael Smith visits a community in rural Jamaica where a remarkable partnership has generated
jobs, dignity and development.

02 July 2007
While Japan's Prime Minister Abe wrestles with improving relations in East Asia, Geoffrey Craig meets an 88 year-old Japanese who has made 80 visits to China.
30 April 2007
In the thick of the turmoil gripping Lebanon, Marie Chaftari, a Christian, and Lina Charafeddine, a Muslim, are trying to get their respective communities to see each other in a different light. Frédéric and Nathalie Chavanne hear their story.
05 March 2007
Algerian diplomat Mohamed Sahnoun has spent 30 years resolving conflicts. Andrew Stallybrass finds out how... and why.
01 January 2007
Like Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge, David and Jane Mills try to span the city’s divides.
02 November 2006
A refugee gets ex-combatants, NGOs, military and police officers working together. John Bangura tells his story to Mike Brown...
15 September 2006
Andrew Stallybrass meets Rabbi Marc Raphaël Guedj who is bringing rabbis and imams together to work for peace.
01 June 2006
The last words of Wim Lindeijer's mother led him to seek reconciliation with the Japanese. He tells his story to Michael Henderson.
01 February 2003