Reviews of books, film, and other media which help people build trust across the world's divides.

God's Politician is probably the best light introduction to the life of William Wilberforce, says Mike Smith. In 174 pages, Lean tells the moving and gripping story of Wilberforce's 20-year campaign in the British parliament to abolish the slave trade. Its abolition, 200 years ago this March, was a turning point in the affairs of the world.
His life has “the capacity to speak meaningfully” to everyone. Here's a book no one should miss reading.
This is world music at its best and for, people used to Western and pop music, a great introduction to the soundscapes of North Africa.
Shamsul Akmar from Malaysia reviews a new documentary film on Muslim-Christian relations
CHIEF RABBI Sir Jonathan Sacks' new book is called To Heal a Fractured World (Schocken, 2005). The sub-title-The ethics of responsibility- attracted me, as it cuts across the culture of the West which holds 'my rights', consumerism and 'the market' to be all-important.
Peter Thwaites reads a book charting the change of heart which led to the end of the Soviet Union.
Philip Boobbyer discusses two books which challenge the secularism of modern Europe
Bill Peters, one of the founders of the Jubilee 2000 campaign for debt remission, reviews a new book on the international debt crisis.
As a Christian married to a Muslim, Lorraine Khan finds inspiration in the books and life of Charis Waddy.
An ancient book about war gives Dalia Braverman practical hints on living today.