Unpacking the ideas of guilt, remorse and collective responsibility to a group of young adults.

10 July 2007
Some thought on the nature of spiritual institutions, political institutions, and their differences.

28 June 2007
What have the biblical stories of Abraham, the Aboriginal dreaming stories and the Russian icon-painter Andrei Rublev got to do with each other?

13 June 2007
Frustration over a cancelled train leads to reflection on the flaws of modern capitalism.

01 June 2007
When scientists attack and religion and vice-versa nobody wins except the publishers.

30 May 2007
Is there a link between creativity and chaos? Or is this just an excuse I tell myself to excuse my disorganization?

29 May 2007
After helping lead a two-day 'Discover the Other' workshop in a Muslim school, I take my hat off to the kids who are in the front line of defusing intolerance.

16 May 2007
How can we help build resilience among a group of fifteen-year-old Muslim students in Australia?

07 May 2007
Author Marilyn French hoped that the feminist movement would change the world. But, she says, in essential ways nothing has changed.

04 May 2007
Michael Kramer has written to announce the launch of a new image library aimed at the public interest and non-profit community.

01 May 2007
Last night I met one of Australia's national treasures at the launch of her new book.

01 May 2007
If only it had been Aboriginals in the Garden of Eden...

30 April 2007
With so many cheap plastic and electronic goods available, can I curb my materialistic tendencies?

27 April 2007
We are already classified as 'efficient users' of water. Could we do more?

27 April 2007
It is always good to have the counsel of wise friends. I have been inspired by my friend Donald Nicholl, a great human being, whose books I have been reading.

25 April 2007
A few reflections on the meaning of Easter after a week away in the stillness of nature.

16 April 2007
I think it was Winston Churchill who described the English and Americans as 'two peoples divided by a common language'.

28 March 2007
Taking the train into work this morning, a pretty blond girl caught my eye (hey, I'm a bloke). She was wearing a white tunic with the words 'Beauty Therapist' written on it. Somehow I misread it as 'Reality Therapist' and that set me thinking ... 'Wouldn't it be wonderful to find a Reality Therapist!' ... and (next thought) ... 'But what would they do?'

27 March 2007
I know that it has been a while since we launched, and I haven't written much in that time. It hasn't been for lack of things to write about though! So I want to give a little round-up of stories and events – any one of which could easily be extended to a longer article.

23 March 2007
Amid the glitz and glamour of the Oscars, a surprising story of hope from the Middle East...

23 March 2007