Saving Water
27 April 2007

Good to see from our water bill that we are classed as 'efficient users'. In fact we are using approximately half the amount classified as 'typical use' for a family of four with an average garden. Part of this is probably down to the lack of a dishwasher (or at least the non-human kind of dishwasher), and I suspect that our two sons also do their bit by never flushing the toilets and only spending about five seconds under the showers (they are usually just as dirty after the shower as they were before!)

Nevertheless I am sure that we could still use less. We don't have any grey-water or rain-water tanks installed. It would help if there were more financial incentives to do this. Under the present billing system we don't benefit much by saving water. In fact about two-thirds of our water bill is fixed-charges. Surely in a dry continent like Australia, where water is needed to grow food to feed ourselves, governments could do better to encourage households to make the neccessary changes.

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