'Birth in one place, growing old in another. And feeling a stranger in two places.' Can we learn to live as neighbours and not as enemies? And can we all live at home, wherever we live?
18 June 2007
How can we help each other to cherish the truth? How can we build the trust that is the best natural fertilizer for the truth to grow? Telling the truth, with love, as best we may, is a step towards healing the wounded memories.
16 April 2007
Ireland and England - 'time to put the hangover of history to bed and embrace the future'.
19 March 2007
Compassion has to be infused into the agenda if we want to see a difference in international affairs.
26 February 2007
Many secular-minded Westerners, particularly in Europe, have a real problem with ANY religion being taken seriously. And there's a refusal to believe that Muslims who believe in their faith and try to take it seriously can become part of modern democratic society.
19 February 2007
The year when the scales tipped over climate change: can we generate enough trust between people and groups whose interests traditionally clash to do what must be done?
12 February 2007
Learning in London from a good friend’s conversion to Islam, I observed large changes in his life-style. Searching for the source of these changes I was drawn to his change in character.
05 February 2007
Indonesia and the Netherlands: ‘We have a common heritage of 350 years, and we need to look after it. To be able to do that together we need to know and learn from the past and appreciate the viewpoint of the other.’
29 January 2007
‘How are you?’ is a greeting, not a question. Simply to greet another person, to recognise that person, is to partake of the sacrament of peace.
23 January 2007
Forgiveness is not just a one-off event but a decision for a way of life. Whatever the deficiencies in our spiritual lives, the forgiveness muscle is not too far gone to benefit from a little strengthening.
08 January 2007