Anger and grief are still the daily bread of millions; at Christmas, I cannot help but think of the dire situation in and around the Holy Land. This area deserves to experiment with the joy of reconciliation.
25 December 2006
With a name like For A Change the choice of theme for the last lead story was an obvious one: living with change. And of course it’s not only at milestone moments like these that we face change. We wake up to it every day — global change, institutional change, personal change.
01 December 2006
What better tribute could there be to veterans and victims of all wars, civil wars, genocides and other atrocities than a day of joint remembrance of all these tragedies?
28 November 2006
All believers and non-believers will need to see that their joint responsibility is to heal relationships and to build trust here and now.
10 October 2006
I first went to Caux, the Initiatives of Change (IofC) conference centre in Switzerland, as a starry-eyed drama student in 1992. It changed my life, setting me on the road to faith and opening my eyes to a world in need in which, I discovered, I could play my part in making a difference.
01 October 2006
OK, I draw the line at Big Brother — and I’m ashamed of my sneaking weakness for I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!, in which a group of celebs eat creepy crawlies and brave snakes in the Australian jungle.
01 August 2006
When can we really meet different cultures and share openly what our respective hopes and fears are?
14 July 2006
When we chose the name For A Change, nearly 20 years ago, we were pleased with the pun.
01 June 2006
At the end of last year I heard someone, who is strongly opposed to the war in Iraq, say that he would more readily trust someone like George Bush, who thinks he is accomplishing God's will, than someone with no religion at all.
01 April 2006
I looked up '2006 year of' on the internet and discovered that, according to various authorities, this is the Year of Deserts and Desertification, of Rembrandt (born in 1606) and of Mozart (born in 1756).
01 February 2006