Number 01/2007
What Do You Think are the Ingredients Most Needed for the Success of the UN's 'Alliance of Civilizations'?
01 February 2007

We want to know what YOU think. Please give us your comments.

With military spending running at over a trillion US dollars per year and a pressing need to address global warming, a 'clash of civilisations' is simply not an option for globalised humanity in the 21st century. A recent UN report has proposals for building an 'alliance of civilisations' (see Lead Story). But the UN acknowledge that they cannot achieve this on their own - they need help.

So what will it take? What will need to happen if the world is to make this alliance of civilisations possible? There are no simple all-encompassing solutions - the challenge is big enough that it needs lots of different answers, lots of different initiatives - big and small.

What are your thoughts and suggestions? What initiatives would you like to see? What initiatives are you already aware of or involved with. We want to hear from you.


One should be change, not only a change but a' positive change' that can make all individual to be consent of this global initiative.On the other hand,human resource development that can give the acknowledgement of awareness and the presence any person(s) in participating in activities.Therefore,education should be the priority.
Cognizance to this,health could be the next to this global initiative.with this, i have started mine, by establishing one educational efficacy and a health aid organisation for health being of the people of my country.
{Named:Graduate College Of Aviation & Simpson Health Aid.} I close with this point,peace building programmes, commitment,honesty,love one another whether disabled; black or white should work together.Also, the develop world should stop the manufacturing of arms as civilisation will only flourish in the world when there is stability.we are to stop the gun running globally then we can allow this new U.N.initiative.
simpson yajoh, 13 March 2007

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