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'The world desperately needs business leaders whose moral values leave an imprint on every dicision they make' says Bill Jordan at the Caux business and industry conference.
'Corruption is not so much the fruit of poverty and underdevelopment as the sustainer of these conditions, and this is one side of its pernicious nature,' argues Daniel Dommel.
As India celebrates 50 years of freedom, Michael Smith observes her economic reforms.
Grim realism has replaced the euphoria of 1991 in Ukraine, as in most countries of the former Soviet Union. On a recent visit to Ukraine, Mike Lowe discovered that democracy must start at the grassroots
'Democracy starts with me' was the theme of MOral Re-Armament's 1991 conference at Caux, Switzerland. Over seven weeks 2,160 people attended its sessions. Michael Smith reports:
`Where do we go from here?' or, to be more exact: `Where do the Germans go from here?'
Bureaucrats faced with problems like job creation in the developing world need lots of creative imagination, says Pauli Snellman. And he tells Kenneth Rundell that they also sometimes have to say: No, Minister!
As former Eastern bloc nations roll back 70 years of Marxist economics, Michael Smith looks at the struggle to avoid the unacceptable face of capitalism.
Polish journalist Boguslaw Chrabota is a spokesman for the Krakow Industrial Society. He writes:
`If the Japanese win, it is because they have a society that functions,' said one European executive.

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