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José Carlos Léon Vargas looks back on nine months in Asia with an unusual training programme.
It took a shipwreck to turn John Graham into a giraffe. David Allen talks to an adventurer, peacemaker and risk-taker extraordinaire.
Walking along the slave routes of West Africa helped Kojo Jantuah to discover his identity-and his destiny.
‘What has making your bed got to do with surviving plane crashes and meeting prime ministers? Jim Coulter tells Mike Lowe.
Kenneth Noble looks at the importance of the Earth’s Biodiversity and, first, meets two daring artists who aim to let nature speak for herself.
The Italian mountaineer, Marco Peruffo, was eight he was diagnosed with diabetes. 'At 15, I caught the bug of rock climbing. To be able to do this, I had to be in top shape and so I became a model patient.'
Yana Bey encounters heartbreak and triumph as a team of Indian women conquer Argan Kangri, an unclimbed peak in the Karakoram Range.
Canadian novelist and newspaper columnist David Jenneson was just 18 in August 1967, when he had an experience that was to play a major role in his life.
Jan Horn's passions include film-making, mountaineering and the preservation of South Africa's cultures. He talks to Anastasia Stepanova.
Dr Bertrand Piccard, now preparing for his third attempt to fly around the world in a balloon, is a psychiatrist in Lausanne, Switzerland. The above is taken from an illustrated lecture he gave at Caux in August.