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Mishkat al-Moumin fought for human rights under Saddam Hussein, and survived assassination attempts as Minister of the Environment in Iraq's interim government. She talks to Bob Webb.
Often the strangers on the edge are the only people who can see the future as well as the past
Hennie de Pous reads a controversial report on Islam, and concludes that its critics were missing the point.
At the end of last year I heard someone, who is strongly opposed to the war in Iraq, say that he would more readily trust someone like George Bush, who thinks he is accomplishing God's will, than someone with no religion at all.
Rajmohan Gandhi warns against the poisonous wind which targets people for being born Muslim, American or Jew.
Paul Williams discovers that security is not just a military issue.
When Matthew Waletofea decided to work for peace in his country, he knew he was putting his life at risk. He talks to Caz Hore-Ruthven.
Mayor Shinzo Hamai chose something quite remarkable for the inscription on the memorial to the first atom bomb: ‘Rest in peace. For we shall not make the same mistake again.’
How do we react when we are treated unjustly, when we are pinned down, when we are shown, sometimes by force, that our will does not matter because someone else’s might is stronger?
She had come to the BBFP programme to condemn the Israelis for killing her father.