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THIS MONTH sees the release of a new film, The Imam and the Pastor, which tells the story of a remarkable peacemaking partnership in northern Nigeria, a region where thousands have been killed in Muslim-Christian conflicts.
Stan Hazell looks back over the years since the magazine was launched.
OK, I draw the line at Big Brother — and I’m ashamed of my sneaking weakness for I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!, in which a group of celebs eat creepy crawlies and brave snakes in the Australian jungle.
Denis Nowlan speaks up for the medium which leads you by the ear
Bill Porter founded a global think-tank out of his concern about the media’s influence. Michael Smith tells his story.
‘It is much harder for a senior politician to be corrupt in front of the public’, Laurence Cockcroft said. ‘But on an individual level it depends on how far people take on initiatives to change it.’
What does it take to make a responsible journalist, asks Henry F Heald.
Images of Forgiveness, a powerful and moving exhibition, gave voice to 26 people from around the world who had experienced tragedy or atrocities.
Twenty-three years in Parliament, nine months in the Cabinet, seven months in prison—Jonathan Aitken talks to Mary Lean.
If there were a media Richter scale, the New York Times’ Jayson Blair affair might well have set a new shock record. The Times’ disclosure of how for years Blair, 27, deceived and tricked his readers and editors alike sent shock waves through media across America and doubtless the world. He was accused of widespread plagiarism, falsification of information and of using datelines to create the impression he’d done on-the-scene reporting when he hadn’t. The revelations not only brought Blair’s resignation but also those of the executive and managing editors.