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When he died, Terry O'Leary was left without money, without a job and without a home, since she was not allowed to go on living in her brother’s council flat.
Michael Smith reports on the Indian industrial empire that is producing social capital as well as profits.
In the 1930s, The Oxford Group, which later became MRA, sparked off a spiritual revival in Scandinavia. In Denmark, as Keld Jørgensen describes in these extracts from his recent booklet*, it led to a people's movement to tackle unemployment.
The experience of unemployment has changed a Canadian's approach to people who are going through hard times.
Over 165,000 people in developing countries found work in 1998, thanks to David Bussau and his organization. John Williams meets a man who knows how to help people to help themselves.
Michael Smith reports on an initiative to create jobs in one of Britain's unemployment blackspots:
Britain, where more people are living longer and alone than ever before, may need up to 4 million new houses, prompting fears of rural destruction. But what about renovating existing housing stock? Michael Smith finds out how Birmingham's largest housing estate is being rescued from urban decay.

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