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I see no way of achieving daily bread for all without a world trade market which is genuinely open, and a collective effort to check poverty both at home and abroad, as set by the Millennium Development Goals.
Racial and cultural intolerance burst onto Sydney's beaches and streets last December. But that is not the whole story, writes David Mills.
'Segregation just isn't acceptable in any form any more. It harms all of us!'
Edward Peters accompanies Rajmohan and Usha Gandhi on a speaking tour of Britain.
It would be hard to conclude that the world is safer than it has been, that there has actually been a decline in the number of wars, genocides and human rights abuses over the past decade - yet two prestigious research organisations, 3,000 miles apart, have independently come to that conclusion.
As Turkey, straddling Europe and Asia, seeks to join the European Union, Cigdem Leblebici reflects on the momentum for change in her country.
Step Four to Remaking the World
Questioning one’s ability to stay neutral, not knowing exactly the right thing to do next, feeling powerless to change the way things are—who amongst us in the field of peacemaking and conflict resolution has not had similar thoughts and experiences?
FRANK FIELD has been the MP for Birkenhead for 25 years. The visit of a group of pensioners to his surgery some eight years ago ‘is indelibly etched on my memory’, he writes. ‘Nothing had prepared me for the description of what they were enduring...
The state does not interfere as long as law and order do not come under threat. However, this tends to create a situation where ‘communityism’ reigns, and ghettos can develop.