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Elvyra Kucinskaite is Chief Editor of the Lithuanian Catholic monthly magazine, 'Sandora'
Mahatma Gandhi once said that 'the sole aim of journalism should be service'. Many see the aims of today's newspaper moguls as increased profit margins and political influence.
'Employers have found that it is no longer possible to rely on home or school to have taught a school leaver how to make a moral judgement,' explains the Director of the IBE, Stanley Kiaer. 'A code of business ethics can help once a school leaver had joined a company.
In the last 50 years pupils from many different ethnic minorities have entered the British education system. How well are secondary schools handling the situation, asks Kenneth Noble.
Sophia Swire gave up a high-flying career in the City of London for the sake of illiterate children in Asia. She tells Michael Smith why:
This year 16 black Americans were among 100 travellers on a yatra through Gujarat, land of Mahatma Gandhi's birth. They came to honour Martin Luther King's spiritual debt to Gandhi.
Paul Williams attends an inter-generational conversation on ethics for the next century.
When Cornelius Marivate, South Africa's leading authority on Tsonga literature and folksongs, went into Parliament, he found something missing. He talks to Anthony Duigan.
It was billed as a conference. It was more an experience.
While many struggle with how to survive on too little money, a growing number face the opposite problem: what to do with unprecedented spending power. Richard Griffiths asks himself some hard questions about how he should use his cash.