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The current widespread ideology of individualism endangers our future because it doesn't take into account the relationships which undergird our survival, writes Bishop George Browning
With a name like For A Change the choice of theme for the last lead story was an obvious one: living with change. And of course it’s not only at milestone moments like these that we face change. We wake up to it every day — global change, institutional change, personal change.
His dream was to go to Antarctica. Instead he has spent his life challenging totalitarianism, and its aftermath. Patrick Colquhoun talks to Mary Lean.
What is it like to organise a Caux conference? Justin Walford finds out
Mishkat al-Moumin fought for human rights under Saddam Hussein, and survived assassination attempts as Minister of the Environment in Iraq's interim government. She talks to Bob Webb.
Often the strangers on the edge are the only people who can see the future as well as the past
When one of the firemen in Egremont got married, the marquee did not arrive in time, so it was arranged to have the wedding in the fire station.
IF ONLY WE LIVED IN A WORLD where people didn’t drop litter, tell lies, cheat... but we do.
Hennie de Pous reads a controversial report on Islam, and concludes that its critics were missing the point.
Worried about the world your children will inherit? So were Laurent and Marie-Hélène de Cherisey.