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Young people are flocking to Asia for leadership training. Laura Boobbyer went too.
Will Jenkins travels across the US with an international team of young people.
Keeping Peace Alive promotes dialogue between teenagers from different backgrounds in Cape Town, South Africa. KPA leaders come from different backgrounds themselves; Cassim and Moosa are Muslim and Hasson is Jewish.
Having laid down his guns, Joseph Wong is working for a corruption-free logging industry in the Solomon Islands. John Bond tells his story.
CHIEF RABBI Sir Jonathan Sacks' new book is called To Heal a Fractured World (Schocken, 2005). The sub-title-The ethics of responsibility- attracted me, as it cuts across the culture of the West which holds 'my rights', consumerism and 'the market' to be all-important.
The hurricane and its horrifying aftermath may prove to be the tipping point that causes Americans to rethink our values, priorities and lifestyles.
As Turkey, straddling Europe and Asia, seeks to join the European Union, Cigdem Leblebici reflects on the momentum for change in her country.
As youth crime grabs the headlines in the UK, Decio Emanuel Do Nascimento visits two organizations on the front line in Tower Hamlets, London.
The damage was done when politicians started believing the cases they had made.
Step Four to Remaking the World