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Forgiveness is not just a one-off event but a decision for a way of life. Whatever the deficiencies in our spiritual lives, the forgiveness muscle is not too far gone to benefit from a little strengthening.
THIS MONTH sees the release of a new film, The Imam and the Pastor, which tells the story of a remarkable peacemaking partnership in northern Nigeria, a region where thousands have been killed in Muslim-Christian conflicts.
Elsa Vogel tells Paul Williams why those who have suffered have so much to give.
Mary Lean and Andrea Cabrera meet an artist whose work has given a voice to Holocaust survivors, and their descendants.
When Matthew Waletofea decided to work for peace in his country, he knew he was putting his life at risk. He talks to Caz Hore-Ruthven.
Mayor Shinzo Hamai chose something quite remarkable for the inscription on the memorial to the first atom bomb: ‘Rest in peace. For we shall not make the same mistake again.’
Jean Brown meets the women who are standing up for peace in a clean Africa.
‘The Lebanese people have been making peace with themselves,’ Muhieddine Chehab, Mayor of the business district of Beirut, told The Washington Post.
Seventeen military personnel and two civilians were killed. Most families of the victims added bitterness to their grief, but not 34-year-old Margherita Coletta from Avola in Sicily, who has lived out her Christian faith in a remarkable way.
For five years Bishop Malkhaz Songulashvili and his church had been the focus of attacks led by a defrocked Orthodox priest.