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Exiled and in despair, Osman Jama Ali had no idea of the impact an unexpected letter would have on his life. The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia’s first government for a decade talks to Mary Lean.
Charis Waddy joins Indian historian Rajmohan Gandhi on a journey through the history, pain and hope of his subcontinent.
Ordinary people have chosen to know and 'own' the shameful side of Australia's history.
Paige Chargois travelled to West Africa for a meeting between the descendants of those who bought and sold Africans and the descendants of those they shipped to the Americas.
Could you forgive someone who destroyed your life or, even worse, killed your child? In these edited extracts from his new book, Forgiveness: breaking the chain of hate, Michael Henderson finds that the world has reason to be grateful to people who, against all the odds, have found a way to forgive.
An all-African conference on how to combat corruption and bring reconciliation to a war-torn continent, organized by MRA, took place in Tanzania in May.
John Bond describes progress towards healing a deep hurt in the soul of Australia.
For the last three years, western Christians have been retracing the steps of the first Crusaders--with a message of peace and repentance. Christy Risser explains:
William Smook is a Cape Town-based journalist and subeditor, and Vice-Chairman of the Cape Town Press Club
One day the Italian Air Force bombed and strafed his village, Bashagia in Wallo Province. Wudneh's mother and most of his relatives were killed. 'I remember running with the other children to hide in the river banks and the surrounding jungle,' he says. 'I can still see one plane now, which flew particularly low and bombed our house.