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Amina Dikedi tells Mary Lean about the people who give her hope for Africa.
When refugees poured in to Albania during the war in Kosovo, they set Ela Kaloshi on the road to forgiving. She talks to Bob Webb.
OUEST FRANCE, France’s leading circulation daily, can attribute its success to its ethical policy, maintains Didier Pillet, its Editor-inChief.
Five people write what forgiveness has meant in their lives.
Abduljalil Sajid, Chairman of the Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony, UK, gives a voice to Muslims who have forgiven in circumstances where many Christians and others would fail the test.
John Bond describes the struggle that lies behind a new memorial in Canberra to Australia’s indigenous ‘stolen’ generations.
Zainab Bawa draws insights from a new Indian book on dialogue and reconciliation between Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs.
I realized anew that in the walk of faith we often have to live with conflicting—or perhaps competing—truths.
Images of Forgiveness, a powerful and moving exhibition, gave voice to 26 people from around the world who had experienced tragedy or atrocities.
Since I was 11 my foster mother had indicated many times that she’d be glad to see me go.