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He was born in Cali, one of the biggest cities in Colombia, and has lived in Comuna 16 for many years. Life expectancy in the ghettos in this district of Cali is around 22 years.
Neichu Angami describes a young man's fight against addiction and his campaign to help HIV/Aids sufferers.
There I sat, condemning a person I did not know. I suddenly saw that I was addicted to self-righteousness, a drink which breaks more people than alcohol.
Theatrical success didn't make Vendela Tyndale-Biscoe happy. Nor did drugs and partying. Mary Lean finds out more.
Bjørn Ole Austad meets Monsignor Victor Grech, the Director of Caritas Malta, a priest who feels the pain of those in difficulties—and puts others to work to help them.
When she was 16, Natalie Porter's stereotypes let her down. Drugs came to her in the hand of a friend, not some dodgy dealer.
At one week old, Avis was taken away from her mother by the Aboriginal Protection Board to be brought up by the United Aborigines' Mission at the Colebrook Home, some 500 miles away in Adelaide.
Greater personal liberty does require greater individual responsibility, obeying one's conscience may help towards that.
The people of a former red light area have run the pimps and drug dealers out of town. Now they have launched a plan to regenerate their district. Mary Lean investigates.