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The day before Christine Jacobs, one of the ‘stolen generations’ of Aboriginal Australians, was due to speak at the launch of Australia’s National Day of Healing, she was knocked down by a car and killed. Her 14-year-old daughter, Tamara, read her speech at the event in the Great Hall of Parliament on 25 May.
There is a historical reason for the plethora of Joneses in Wales. Traditionally the Welsh had no surnames but used the formula ‘David the son of William’ (in Welsh Dafydd ap Gwilym).
MY SEVEN-year-old son became really worried by the time I had won seven old pence on a machine in a seaside arcade, many years ago. ‘Stop it, Mum!’ he yelled, pulling me away. I did.
Step Two to Remaking the World
There can be no foreign city closer to the heart of a Russian than Kiev. The two countries’ history is so intertwined that events in one have a deep impact in the other.
Helena de von Arnim, from Colombia, believed that being abused as a child had condemned her to a lifetime of hate.
Step One to Remaking the World
Phyllis Cameron-Johnson tells Paul Williams how paying a train fare, meeting Navajo visitors to her school and a canoeing accident shaped her life.
Tolerance is not enough to bridge the world’s differences, writes Mike Lowe. We need to engage.
Can loss turn to gain? Three people's experiences.