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Andrew Stallybrass meets Rabbi Marc Raphaël Guedj who is bringing rabbis and imams together to work for peace.
Mary Hatton describes a unique series of exchanges between Britain and the Arab world.
We’ve got to inspire people to believe that their efforts at relationships locally can transform the world.
CHIEF RABBI Sir Jonathan Sacks' new book is called To Heal a Fractured World (Schocken, 2005). The sub-title-The ethics of responsibility- attracted me, as it cuts across the culture of the West which holds 'my rights', consumerism and 'the market' to be all-important.
From Ann Rignall behind the scenes in Caux, Switzerland
The day before Christine Jacobs, one of the ‘stolen generations’ of Aboriginal Australians, was due to speak at the launch of Australia’s National Day of Healing, she was knocked down by a car and killed. Her 14-year-old daughter, Tamara, read her speech at the event in the Great Hall of Parliament on 25 May.
The value of the food each Briton throws away each day is more than the sum half the world's population has to live on each day.
Ann Rignall meets Pete and June Pemberton, who have fostered 360 children over the past 40 years.
Helena de von Arnim, from Colombia, believed that being abused as a child had condemned her to a lifetime of hate.
Step One to Remaking the World