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Jehangir Sarosh is a businessman living in Britain. He is President of the World Conference for Religion and Peace Europe and Vice-Chair of the Inter-Faith Network for the UK.
A remarkable series of courses is helping Taiwanese parents to cope better with their children—and their own lives. Jenny Leung reports:
Divided by 20 miles of water, France and England are old friends, neighbours and rivals. Andrew Stallybrass explores their relationship.
Jehan Perera works with civic organizations and through the media in Sri Lanka to promote peace and human rights.
When she was 16, Natalie Porter's stereotypes let her down. Drugs came to her in the hand of a friend, not some dodgy dealer.
Family life is a juggling act these days, writes Catholic journalist, lecturer and mother Faustina Starrett.
At a time when some are predicting increasing conflict between Western and Muslim nations, Abdul-Nabi Isstaif writes from Damascus with a call for partnership.
In 1988 Rob Parsons gave up his job as a lawyer to help bolster Britain's ailing family life. The founder of Care for the Family talks to Kenneth Noble.
John Bocock is a dairy and grain farmer in the Canadian prairies to the north of Edmonton, Alberta.
In the last 50 years pupils from many different ethnic minorities have entered the British education system. How well are secondary schools handling the situation, asks Kenneth Noble.