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Through creating a meaningful avenue of self-expression, Johnson says, teenagers learn how to direct themselves; and one of the most important goals of BTA is to restore young Black men's sense of a positive self-image.
The doctors made it clear that their choice would be not to continue treatment. Although we felt extremely vulnerable, we felt that we had to talk to Anthony himself and let him decide his future.
Western media images of Muslims as threatening only help to further reinforce Islamic rejection of the West.
Michael Brown reports on a month sent in a conference centre half way up a Swiss mountain, where people from many countries gathered to `free the forces of change'.
Human history has consisted of a series of migrations; every culture is the result of confrontations between peoples. So cultural identity is something which is in need of constant enrichment.
Sometimes I have sought after things hoping they will satisfy but, like those chocolate cookies, found they are sweet but short-lived.
It was easier to poke fun at what I didn't believe than to respect everyone's right to a belief, whatever it might be.
We found that we could lose our rigidity without compromising our fundamental beliefs.
Jean Vanier heard the `silent cry' of two men with mental handicaps and found himself living in the first of the L'Arche communities. He talks to Christiane Mallet-Watteville.
I wanted insurance against pain and failure; in other words, I wanted someone to play God to me.