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The experience of unemployment has changed a Canadian's approach to people who are going through hard times.
'Employers have found that it is no longer possible to rely on home or school to have taught a school leaver how to make a moral judgement,' explains the Director of the IBE, Stanley Kiaer. 'A code of business ethics can help once a school leaver had joined a company.
Jean Brown eavesdrops on relationship between two 'large souls'-- and comes home to herself.
Michael Smith encounters the Western face of Islam--and meets British Muslims who are fighting back against Islamophobia.
The Right Revd Richard Chartres is the Bishop of London
Possibly Australia's most unconventional priest, John Smith is increasingly taking his message to his country's centres of power. He and his wife, Glena, talk to John Bond.
Joy Weeks asks whether schools can impart the values which undergird free society.
`One day I packed my bags and disappeared.
I was not welcome in my mother-in-law's home.
'Democracy starts with me' was the theme of MOral Re-Armament's 1991 conference at Caux, Switzerland. Over seven weeks 2,160 people attended its sessions. Michael Smith reports: