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Douglas Tanner set up an institute to inject faith values into the US House of Representatives—and to make sure that Members are up to speed on their country’s racial history. Bob Webb tells his story.
Good governance starts with individuals, discovers Paul Williams.
Mary Lean finds some remarkable companions on the road from fear to love.
Mgr Bernard Genoud, Catholic Bishop of Fribourg, Lausanne and Geneva, criticized 'the illusion of knowledge' and teaching rooted in technique 'without any reference to values'.
Marijana Longin was 17 in 1991 when her country, Croatia, declared independence from Yugoslavia. Until then, Serbs, Croats and people from other ethnic minorities had lived peacefully together in her town, Zadar. They even celebrated each other's religious festivals. Now, with the propaganda from all sides stirring up hate and fear, many of the Serbs fled to Yugoslavia.
How often do we see in person someone whose daring and perseverance have inspired a hit movie? Rarely, for most of us. So it was a special treat to see and hear Erin Brockovich at the National Press Club (NPC) in Washington, DC. I'd already seen Erin Brockovich, the movie, and admired her relentless search for proof that water pollution by a large utility was the cause of widespread illness in a small community in California. With the help of friends and a major law firm she fought for what became the largest ever direct-action lawsuit settlement in US history.
Working in the media can involve tough choices. Anastasia Stepanova talks to young professionals who have to make them
Over the last seven years, hundreds of young people have taken part in courses on the values which undergird true freedom, run by MRA's Foundations for Freedom programme. Anna Christine Christensen from Denmark first took part in 1994. She caught up with participants new and old at the first of this summer's conferences in Caux, Switzerland.
Alan Channer joins people of many faiths and traditions at an ecological symposium in the Chateau de Klingenthal, France
Mike Lowe revisits Poland, ten years after its return to democracy.