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As we've worked through many experiences, I've jotted down for myself some rules of thumb.
What has kept us together, despite pressures that often drive couples apart?
Inspired by the dream that India's Western Ghats might be re-afforested by the year 2000, over 60 senior college and university students from throughout New Zealand applied to join.
We walk down that path each day - my six-year-old daughter and I - on her way to school. We must have passed within feet of the dead body. They cordoned off the path and we came home from school another way.
Today, the 'professional foul' is no longer something which only the referee can spot, but a dangerous tackle that breaks all the rules. Violence on the field is reflected even more tragically by violence in the stands, and governments are forced to take action.
You will see a wall filled with light and colour, the pattern resolving into the vast hand of God giving to humanity the gift of himself.
Using a combination of evangelism and practical business sense, the Perkins are nurturing a 'can do' attitude in eight blocks around their home.
The Kriegs describe the year that their daughter was addicted as the lowest point of their married life.
In countries that face oppression one can find people possessed of an inner liberty which many of those living in conditions of external freedom have yet to discover.
What is relatively new is the person in his or her early twenties with no inherited wealth and sometimes no degree, who can earn a six-figure salary within two or three years of starting work. What has wrought this change?