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Once the Vice-President of Yugoslavia, Milovan Djilas became a dissident predicting the crisis of Communism. Leif Hovelsen profiles a man whose writings have had a prophetic touch:
Only in prayer, asking for that unspeakable, unpronounceable and invisible direction; only by looking for God is it possible to walk the mountain paths.
`Where do we go from here?' or, to be more exact: `Where do the Germans go from here?'
`Happy are the pure in heart for they shall see God.' If your vision is dazzled by things which glitter, then you don't get a look-in on real love... for people, or for God.
Bureaucrats faced with problems like job creation in the developing world need lots of creative imagination, says Pauli Snellman. And he tells Kenneth Rundell that they also sometimes have to say: No, Minister!
It is the behaviour of some of his white compatriots that from time to time causes him to question whether he really belongs in Britain.
John Williams talks to a computer whizz kid who has gone from rags to riches more than once, and believes that a better style of management is even more vital than new technology.
Among my mail a card from India stood out. On its cover was the photograph below, on its envelope a picture of Mahatma Gandhi in prison.
We found that we could lose our rigidity without compromising our fundamental beliefs.
Jean Vanier heard the `silent cry' of two men with mental handicaps and found himself living in the first of the L'Arche communities. He talks to Christiane Mallet-Watteville.