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For all the noise, jocularity and familiarity of the inn, the pregnant silence of the stable is the image treasured in countless hearts.
As the bandwagon of rights rolls on its way, gratitude is the victim that falls most frequently beneath its wheels.
Alhaji Ado Bayero gave up his diplomatic career to become the ruler of some eight million Muslims in the Nigerian state of Kano. In his new role he has worked to bridge his country's divisions. ' Robo Judith Ukoko, a Christian from the southern delta area of Nigeria, travelled to his historic palace.
Christians, Muslims and Jews have in the past waged war on each other and thought themselves justified in doing so.
Tensions, doubts and questions ravaged my mind. `How does God give one an assignment without the tools to accomplish it?'
The doctors made it clear that their choice would be not to continue treatment. Although we felt extremely vulnerable, we felt that we had to talk to Anthony himself and let him decide his future.

Christ's first recorded sermon expresses the same simplicity. 'The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Repent and believe.' Not exactly a wordy programme; simply an invitation to life in all its fullness.
Am I a product of genetics? Circumstances? Upbringing? Or of my own decisions? Probably all four play a part, but I can control my decisions.
I am an artist, but you do not necessarily have to have a brush or a pen to express something which can make another person feel great and hopeful. And this natural artistry can grow.
At 8 pm on 5 January 1985, in his mother's arms, David stopped breathing.