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Faith issues
We walk down that path each day - my six-year-old daughter and I - on her way to school. We must have passed within feet of the dead body. They cordoned off the path and we came home from school another way.
I found relationships with girls difficult and withdrew into myself. My life became whatever was before my nose - and that was chess.
How The Island newspaper was born is a story by itself. But what followed was the most fascinating job I had been involved with, at a crucial period in the nation's history.
Propped on his knees was a book on euthanasia. He explained to me that this was what he wanted - a quick, easy end to a long, active life.
In countries that face oppression one can find people possessed of an inner liberty which many of those living in conditions of external freedom have yet to discover.
I was worried about the bill myself - not that I would not be able to pay it, but that if he kept on talking the job would take so long that it would prove more expensive than I had bargained for.
I used to imagine motherhood as a very narrow field -but I have found I have experienced a broad range of human emotions, and felt things I never thought possible.
In February 1986, Filipinos wrote a new concept into modern history books. They call it `People and Prayer Power', although outside the Philippines it is simply called `People Power'.
'No one comes here except the army-, it's too dangerous,' the driver told his passenger, a tiny but determined woman agricultural student. The area, in the mountains of Northern Thailand, had been devastated and depopulated by guerrilla warfare.
The reflection which brings a change has to come from outside ourselves, from some source of light.