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Dr Omnia Marzouk, a physician based in the UK, talks about her spiritual journey to a multifaith, multicultural group. Though speaking as a Muslim, hers are experiences with which anyone can identify.
The realisation that God's longing for our love is as great as our longing for his and the role of prayer
Human batteries are like a stream of water. If the water doesn’t move then it becomes stagnant. If the water flows out and nourishes other people then the batteries will work well and will be spontaneously recharged.
Luckily no-one was hurt except the poor moose.
Helena de von Arnim, from Colombia, believed that being abused as a child had condemned her to a lifetime of hate.
Step One to Remaking the World
At various times in their lives some people revisit that longing to have a calling more than a job. And during the proverbial mid-life crisis, it makes itself uncomfortably felt, when we ask ourselves yet again, 'What is life really all about?'
With all the pressures we put upon ourselves in this achievement-driven world, it’s sometimes a struggle to hang onto the truth that God delights in us, just as we are.
MY FRIENDS smother a chuckle when I tell them I’m sure God is a golfer.
In this rushing busy world do we take the time and care to listen to the other?