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Faith issues
British politician Frank Field talks to Mary Lean about gun control, sleaze and the moral force of the welfare state.
It's time for Britain to take a long hard look at herself writes Hugh Williams.
No one gets through life without scars. Anne Marie Tate goes to the roots of inner healing
For over 300 years the Quakers have been working for peace and acting as mediators. Campbell Leggat mines the experience of a group who have never been afraid to stand up to power or to listen at the deepest level.
Possibly Australia's most unconventional priest, John Smith is increasingly taking his message to his country's centres of power. He and his wife, Glena, talk to John Bond.
Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks exposes two approaches to the problem of living together
This article was first printed in a shorter form, in `The Times', London, who had asked Graham Turner to defend the orthodox Christian position.
After 50 years of Independence, Rajmohan Gandhi reconsiders his grandfather's widsom - opening up a source of hope for further healing with Britain, and within the divisions of the whole sub-contintent.
Kenneth Noble takes a look at former great Christian athletes as the Olympic Games will celebrate their 100th anniversary
Sheila Cassidy shot to fame when she was arrested and tortured for treating a guerrilla fighter in Pinochet's Chile. Now a specialist in the care of the terminally ill, she talks to Kenneth Noble.