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Faith issues
Philip Boobbyer, a lecturer in modern European history at the University of Kent, puts cleaning one's slate in a wider philosophical context.
Cricket White describes how near-disaster pitched her into working with Hope in the Cities.
When her husband and her daughter became seriously ill, Harriet Cameron's world was turned upside down.
Jean Brown eavesdrops on relationship between two 'large souls'-- and comes home to herself.
Ann-Lone Uhrenholdt meets people from a wide range of spiritual backgrounds about their search to discover what God wants them to do.
It was billed as a conference. It was more an experience.
Six days of the summer at Caux were devoted to a conference on 'The life of faith', which was addressed by the Russian poet Irina Ratushinskaia. She told the conference why she had felt closer to God in a Soviet labour camp than she did in freedom in the West.
Raj Anand knows the formula to save 1.5 million babies' lives a year - and it doesn't come out of a tin. He talks to Mike Brown.
Liberian peace-worker Samuel Doe describes how an encounter with a starving child changed the course of his life.
The question facing Cambodia today is: How do you deal with the remnants of a regime which turned the country into the killing fields and now says 'We have defected'?