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Mary Lean reflects on a major upheaval in her life.
His dream was to go to Antarctica. Instead he has spent his life challenging totalitarianism, and its aftermath. Patrick Colquhoun talks to Mary Lean.
Despair and fear are the enemies of peace, write Saliba Sarsar (left),a Palestinian American, and Yehezkel Landau, an Israeli American.
Paul Williams has been editing Turning Point since it began in 1992. He tells Laura Boobbyer about some of the significant moments in his own life.
When one of the firemen in Egremont got married, the marquee did not arrive in time, so it was arranged to have the wedding in the fire station.
Margaret Jackson was in on the birth of European unity. She talks to Michael Smith.
SANTOSH’S SMALL size is no indicator of her gutsy fight for justice.
'Because of the state of poverty in which they live, their focus is naturally on their next meal. We have supported their thinking so that their focus can be within their future, not just within their present'.
Richard Shrubb describes his battle with mental illness and public perceptions.
We’ve got to inspire people to believe that their efforts at relationships locally can transform the world.