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Bill Porter founded a global think-tank out of his concern about the media’s influence. Michael Smith tells his story.
When Matthew Waletofea decided to work for peace in his country, he knew he was putting his life at risk. He talks to Caz Hore-Ruthven.
Jean Brown meets the women who are standing up for peace in a clean Africa.
‘I told them that if I accepted, I would speak against the government’s decision to end its leprosy campaign,’ he recalls. True to his word, Fischer lambasted the Indian cabinet when he received the prize: telling his audience that the government’s claim that leprosy would be eradicated by the year 2000 was completely wrong.
The Centre is an English language school for low-income students, which began life in a garage and now boasts over 500 students.
On the streets of Bristol, UK, one woman is fighting crime with a silent force. Stan Hazell finds out more.
As Turkey, straddling Europe and Asia, seeks to join the European Union, Cigdem Leblebici reflects on the momentum for change in her country.
Step Four to Remaking the World
The day before Christine Jacobs, one of the ‘stolen generations’ of Aboriginal Australians, was due to speak at the launch of Australia’s National Day of Healing, she was knocked down by a car and killed. Her 14-year-old daughter, Tamara, read her speech at the event in the Great Hall of Parliament on 25 May.
Pamela Jenner writes from Kanniyakumari in southern India