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Jerusalem is a city with many layers: the Roman occupation, the Christian Crusades, the Arab Caliphates, the Ottoman Empire and the British mandate.
Jessie Sutherland tells Paul Williams about the life-threatening experiences which brought her home in more ways than one.
Francisco Toledo is not just one of Mexico's best known artists: he is also a philanthropist. He talks to Andrea Cabrera Luna.
Young people are flocking to Asia for leadership training. Laura Boobbyer went too.
Elsa Vogel tells Paul Williams why those who have suffered have so much to give.
When I found a year ago that I had a lymphoma, which if untreated was fatal, I was forced to have a big rethink.
We will not win the war on terrorism unless we do something to win the war on poverty. It is in our enlightened self-interest to enhance trade, to build a safer world, to decrease the displacement that people feel.
From Ann Rignall behind the scenes in Caux, Switzerland
As he searched for an answer, he sensed that the moment for reconciliation would come and he wrote, ‘Caux is the place’.
Paul Williams discovers that security is not just a military issue.