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Faith issues
James Hore-Ruthven discovers that Celebrating life by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks contains far more to engage the heart and mind than its size might suggest.
In a restless world, silence can be the source of healing and creativity, believes Rosa Bellino
Theatrical success didn't make Vendela Tyndale-Biscoe happy. Nor did drugs and partying. Mary Lean finds out more.
The world lay at RD Mathur's feet as a young man - and he decided to give everything to try and change it. He talks to Mary Lean.
Irish nun and social worker Sister Stanislaus Kennedy believes that spiritual discipline and practical caring can enhance each other, writes Kenneth Noble.
Douglas Tanner set up an institute to inject faith values into the US House of Representatives—and to make sure that Members are up to speed on their country’s racial history. Bob Webb tells his story.
Film-maker Alan Channer describes the journey that has led him to make 'The Cross and the Bodhi Tree', a film about Christian encounters with Buddhism.
At the age of 23 Diana Patricia Pabón-Ramirez has already devoted more than a decade to tackling the social problems of her Colombian community, Paul Williams reports.
Mary Lean finds some remarkable companions on the road from fear to love.
As always, the conferences in Caux were graced by the performances of several richly talented artists. Among them was American song-writer and guitarist Scott Christopher Murray. He told his story to John Williams.