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Faith issues
I’ve had to find some kind of healing and wholeness without the thing I most wanted, to live and function and even enjoy life without it.
Living with other faiths is about being at home in your own religion and learning to be a guest in others, discovers Paul Williams.
Canadian novelist and newspaper columnist David Jenneson was just 18 in August 1967, when he had an experience that was to play a major role in his life.
In each period of history, words or expressions have appeared that have stirred, excited and polarized people. The classic examples are ‘liberty’, ‘equality’, ‘fraternity’—the watchwords of the French Revolution.
disappear into months.
Not many people launch out on a new career in their late sixties, but composer Margaret Rizza did. She talks to Mary Lean.
Three out of five children in Afghanistan are orphans. Jane Mills meets an Afghan refugee who is determined to help them.
Syngman Rhee fled his homeland as a 19-year-old in 1950 and found himself at the heart of the American civil rights movement in the Sixties. He spoke in Caux about his work for reconciliation between North and South Korea.
The Rev Ray Simpson is Guardian of the Community of Aidan and Hilda on Lindisfarne.
Artists from all over the world came to Caux in search of inspiration, refreshment and challenge. Anastasia Stepanova was there.