20 years of For A Change

For A Change was first published in 1987 in the UK as 16-page monthly print magazine. From January 1992 it became a 20 page bi-monthly and in February 1994 moved to being a 24-page bi-monthly and continued in this format until December 2006 after which it continued as an online magazine.

Back issues are available online, and browseable by issue or story categories. Not all of the story categories in the print magazine were carried forward to the online magazine. Recent story categories are found running left to right underneath the main For A Change banner.

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01 December 2002
Volume 15 Number 6
The theme of this issue is 'After the Earth's Summit' (which was held in Johannesburg 2002), with 4 articles on different aspects of sustainable development. Other highlights include Alan Weeks' Lead article on peacemaking in Bougainville, the island province of Papua New Guinea and in 'Profile' Jane Mills interviews an Afghan refugee who is setting up projects to make a difference to her people.
01 October 2002
Volume 15 Number 5
The Initiatives of Change's Caux conferences 2002 are featured in this issue. Highlights include articles on 'Connecting Communities', 'Renewable Arts', 'Peacebuilding initiatives' and 'Meeting challenges of Globalistion'. Also worth reading are: Ray Simpson's Reflection on listening to God, and Profile, which features South African filmmaker Jan Horn.
01 August 2002
Volume 15 Number 4
This issue has articles about the values of Silence, Truth, Faith, Peace and Life. A feature by Rose Bellino describes how 'The Power of Silence' makes a difference and Andrew Stallybrass tells of Cornelio Sommaruga's work for justice and peace. In Renewal Arts we read the story of how Edie Campbell's one woman show came off the ground while in Reflections the question is asked 'What is truth?'
01 June 2002
Volume 15 Number 3
In this issue the children of Chernobyl are featured 16 years after the world's worst nuclear accident. In two profiles an Auschwitz survivor talks about her path of healing and Archie McKenzie is interviewed about his life as a diplomat. Turning Point features the personal story of Swedish actress Vendela Tyndale-Biscoe and in the Guest Column Denis Nowlan challenges Christians to step outside their boxes.
01 April 2002
Volume 15 Number 2
This issue features several articles about interfaith understanding. Frédéric Chavanne argues that building understanding between the West and Islam is everyone's responsibility. Imam Sajid talks about his passion for interfaith bridge building and Jehangir Sarosh about 'Finding the other', while Robert Webb finds unexpected fruits out of the 9/11 tragedy.
01 February 2002
Volume 15 Number 1
This issue looks at Race Relations. In the Lead article the residents of Richmond Virginia are teaching the world how to talk honestly about race, reconciliation and responsibility and Guest Jim Wallis asks why America is divided along racial lines. In one Feature William Smook describes how the people of Stutterheim, South Africa, have transformed their district and in another how investment in the regeneration of Nagaland enables young business people.