20 years of For A Change

For A Change was first published in 1987 in the UK as 16-page monthly print magazine. From January 1992 it became a 20 page bi-monthly and in February 1994 moved to being a 24-page bi-monthly and continued in this format until December 2006 after which it continued as an online magazine.

Back issues are available online, and browseable by issue or story categories. Not all of the story categories in the print magazine were carried forward to the online magazine. Recent story categories are found running left to right underneath the main For A Change banner.

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01 December 2003
Volume 16 Number 6
Housing and Women are themes of this issue, with articles on two imaginative housing projects as well as a feature which tells of adventurous women reaching an Indian mountain peak. In the Guest column Jaroslava Moserova speaks of the UNESCO and the power of women. A highlight not to miss is 'No bribes for healthy business', the profile of entrepreneur Suresh Vasirani, who received a National Quality Award for India's biomedical company 'Transasia'.
01 October 2003
Volume 16 Number 5
The summer conferences at 'Initiatives of Change' at Caux, Switzerland are featured in this issue. 'Globalisation', 'Africans who pay the price of peace', 'Living with other faiths', 'From conflict to community at home' were some of the themes discussed during the sessions. Other highlights in this issue are the FAC essay by Rajmohan Gandhi: 'After intervention what next?' and a profile of a New Zealand climatologist, who promotes a bid to save a precious part of India's natural heritage.
01 August 2003
Volume 16 Number 4
Highlights in this issue are the profile of Letlapa Mpahlele, the South African director of operations of the PAC armed wing, who came face to face with the mother of a young victim whose shooting he had ordered. The Lead article tells the story of the Clean Election Campaign in Taiwan and the FAC Essay is about the importance of parenting. In Bookmark Pierre Spoerri reviews a book of Karen Armstrong in a key issue of our age: religious fundamentalism.
01 June 2003
Volume 16 Number 3
'Fair trade' is featured in this issues Lead article. Other highlights include a story about a small German community who suffered dreadfully in WWII. The secrets of success are revealed in a report on the Indian industrial empire 'Tata' and guest writer Bishop Michael Marshall writes about the material and the spiritual needing each other.
01 April 2003
Volume 16 Number 2
This issues Lead article is on Asylum seekers in Switzerland and a project of hope in Albania. Other highlights include a profile on musician Margaret Rizza who writes music to lift the heart and still the mind, and the story of Keith and Ruth Neal's visit to Sierra Leone, where people are rebuilding the peace after a devastating civil war, while guest writer Francis Kimani reports on the successful 2002 Clean Election Campaign in Kenya.
01 February 2003
Volume 16 Number 1
This issue throws up some good historical themes: Articles about Russia as seen through the eyes of three generations, and suffering under the Japanese by a Dutch family in WWII. Other highlights include the FAC essay about Europe's prejudice towards the US, a review of Scott Peck's book 'Denial of the Soul' which addresses, among other things, the issue of 'assisted suicide' and guest Aaron Lazare examines what makes an apology work.