20 years of For A Change

For A Change was first published in 1987 in the UK as 16-page monthly print magazine. From January 1992 it became a 20 page bi-monthly and in February 1994 moved to being a 24-page bi-monthly and continued in this format until December 2006 after which it continued as an online magazine.

Back issues are available online, and browseable by issue or story categories. Not all of the story categories in the print magazine were carried forward to the online magazine. Recent story categories are found running left to right underneath the main For A Change banner.

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01 December 2004
Volume 17 Number 6
Fifty years of Civil Rights Movement in America features as a theme in this issue, with a Lead article and in the Guest column where Rob Corcoran describes his own family's experiences of 'intergration'. Other highlights include the FAC Essay on what it takes to bridge the world's differences and 'Reflections' starts a news series of five on 'Remaking the world'.
01 October 2004
Volume 17 Number 5
This issue features the Caux conferences of Initiatives of Change in 2004, with the Lead article on 'The Human face of Security'. Features on World Farming, Business and Industry and a Middle East Peace Initiative, focus on the issues of justice, fairness and tackling poverty, while 'Reflections' speaks of the sharing of silence, which lays at the heart of what happens at Caux.
01 August 2004
Volume 17 Number 4
The Lead article in this issue describes the effects community spirit has on an English village. Other highlights include a feature on how Australia continues her journey of healing, Guest Niketu Iralu tells the story of how his Naga people in North East India break the chain of hate and in 'Since you ask' you can read 5 responses to the question 'How or why do you make space for God?'
01 June 2004
Volume 17 Number 3
This issue features India, Russia, Sierra Leone and France. Highlights include a FAC essay by Imam Sajid on the essence of Islam, a profile on agriculturalist Paul Craig, Mary Lean experiences on Easter in Russia, while readers are asked what they are doing about the environment.
01 April 2004
Volume 17 Number2
This issue features the Arts. In the Lead article we meet the work of two artists, who are passionate for wildlife and let nature speak for herself. In a feature Kathleen Johnson speaks about the power of music. Other highlights include people making a difference through the F-word of Forgiveness, readers write in 'Since you ask' on their biggest mistake, while 'Ear to the ground' comes from Colombia.
01 February 2004
Volume 17 Number 1
In this issue 10 years is celebrated in Eastern and Central Europe by an initiative to foster democratic values called 'Foundations for Freedom'. Ten years is also the time span that 'Honest Conversation' in Richmond/Virginia has taken place and through acknowledgement of its painful history a vision of reconciliation is being built. Other highlights in this issue are 'Lighting a lamp for the Earth', reporting on a cultural festival in India where the environment is colourfully celebrated by people from many indigenous groups. Also two personal journeys by an adventurous diabetic mountaineer and a Lebanese Christian who learnt to deal with people's prejudice.