01 December 2002
Alan Weeks, an Australian worker with Initiatives of Change, points up lessons from the peace process that ended the nine-year conflict on the South Pacific island of Bougainville.
Three out of five children in Afghanistan are orphans. Jane Mills meets an Afghan refugee who is determined to help them.
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart is Chairman of Anglo American plc and was Chairman of Business Action for Sustainable Development, an initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development for the Earth Summit in Johannesburg.
The Johannesburg Earth Summit highlighted the urgent need of many countries to secure greater freshwater supplies. Alan Ervine talks to Kenneth Noble about what can be done to turn aspiration into reality.
Afghanistan is still waiting for freedom from hunger, disease and violence, writes Anila Daulatzai
Award-winning environmental journalist Geoffrey Lean has seen Earth Summits come and go. On his return from Johannesburg in September, he spoke at a meeting at the Initiatives of Change centre in London. We print extracts:
Australian Harry Nesbitt had to contend with danger and hardship in his bid to rebuild the base of Cambodia's shattered agriculture, writes Brad Collis.