Climate change and tackling world poverty may be the most important issues facing this generation. But we can only progress these if we can build an 'alliance of civilizations'. Mike Lowe finds out why this new UN initiative is so important.
09 February 2007
When the whole context in which you’ve existed changes, what do you do? The Managing Director of a family firm describes his experience.
01 December 2006
Mary Lean reflects on a major upheaval in her life.
01 December 2006
The world has the resources to respond to climate change, maintains Alan Porteous. But we need to get on with it.
01 December 2006
Whether you're a clown, a singer, an actor or simply a member of the audience, you have an impact on the world, Mary Lean discovers.
01 October 2006
Philip Boobbyer discovers how the rebuilding of an historic German church, destroyed by British bombers during World War II, is healing old wounds.
01 August 2006
Corruption and world poverty are inextricably linked. Mike Brown and Chris Breitenberg discover how Indian bureaucrats and industrialists are cutting the knot.
01 June 2006
SANTOSH’S SMALL size is no indicator of her gutsy fight for justice.
01 June 2006
Worried about the world your children will inherit? So were Laurent and Marie-Hélène de Cherisey.
01 April 2006
Young people are flocking to Asia for leadership training. Laura Boobbyer went too.
01 February 2006