MRA is ten years older than I am, and I've known it all my life, man and child, which is my only qualification for this very personal view.
01 May 1988
Walkerswood, Mitchell's village, has become for many Jamaicans synonymous with development as it should be - communitybased and as self-reliant as possible, minimizing government intervention and reducing `internal' migration to the cities.
01 April 1988
An old patient of mine and her husband sought my help to make peace with their 20-year-old son.
01 March 1988
The silence was almost tangible. It hung over a stony hillside scarred by the skeletons of mulga trees, a landscape stilled as if in reverence for the sacred carvings etched in the sheer red faces of the gorge.
01 January 1988
In 1975 the Senate created a landmark in the history of Australian race relations when it passed without dissent a motion stating that before 1788, Australia's indigenous peoples possessed the whole country. It urged `the Australian Government to... introduce legislation to compensate (these) people...
01 January 1988
In today's Australia it is no surprise that most of us find the name of one of our foremost social thinkers hard to pronounce.
01 January 1988
Since he left school and home as a 14-year-old, Reg Blow has tried most things: railway construction, truck driving, boxing, fruit picking, share farming, to name a few.
01 January 1988
`Liverpool is a city famous for three things: for soccer, for the Beatles and for political chaos.
01 November 1987
'No one comes here except the army-, it's too dangerous,' the driver told his passenger, a tiny but determined woman agricultural student. The area, in the mountains of Northern Thailand, had been devastated and depopulated by guerrilla warfare.
01 October 1987